Yang is the guild’s virtual currency, which can be spent on various different things as outlined on this page.

Yang is earned through being active in the guild (You earn Yang whenever you earn XP for sending messages or using the voice channels).
Yang is also earned by donating to Spill the T via our Patreon (You earn 100 Yang for every $1 donated overall (eg, $10 donation per month for 3 months would earn a total of 3,000 Yang)).
Yang can also be earned by Discord-boosting our guild (200 Yang per boost per month).
There are various contests, such as bot trivia, that can earn you Yang as well.

This page outlines what you can use your Yang for at this time, and how much Yang it costs. This page is updated regularly to reflect the current prices and available items you can get with Yang.

Last Updated January 4, 2020.

Bot Commands

Item Yang price

!generator bot command


!nick bot command to change nickname


!remindme bot command to be reminded of something with a mention


!rep bot command to give 10 good reputation to a member


!8ball bot command to see what your future holds for a yes/no question.


!choice bot command to have the bot pick something from choices you give it.


!affirmations bot command to go through a quick affirmation meditation from a choice of several categories


!ad bot command to purchase an advertisement to be posted by the bot in the general channel.

No here mention: 100 per post
Here mention: 250 per post

!markov #channel bot command to take bits from messages people sent in the provided channel, and randomly assemble them together into a new message.


!fact bot command to get a random fact from Wikipedia.


!superpower bot command to find out what your random superpower is.


Profile Badges

To purchase a profile badge, you must ask staff by using the !staff bot command. Some badges cannot be purchased but are instead earned through the stated accomplishment.

This section will also list badges no longer available for earning, which serves as a reference so you can understand what other people’s badges mean.

Badge Yang price or Accomplishment Required

Honorable Member (k46r01aab)

Members who help staff stop or resolve conflicts (such as reporting rule violations) may earn this badge.

I Am Inclusive (k46qqryxb)

Awarded for passing the LGBT inclusivity quiz (https://spillthet.org/lgbt-inclusivity/) with a 90% or higher

I Know the Rules (k46r4lijb)

Awarded for passing the rules quiz (https://spillthet.org/discord-rules/) with a 90% or higher.

Other Things

Here are other things you can get with your Yang. You must use the !staff command and talk with staff to get these items.

Item Yang Price

Add an emoji of your choice for use guild-wide. (25 spots remaining)


Get a text channel in the guild for 14 days where people can converse about a topic of your choosing