a brave space chat community

The Spill the T Discord guild is the place to go to talk about the Spill the T vodcast and radio show, as well as LGBT and transgender matters.

You can engage in thoughtful, enlightening conversations with the Spill the T team and other members.
Learn new things, make new friends, seek community support, and have fun!

Our community is a safe and brave space for everyone regardless of identity. The staff take safety and security seriously.

We are not licensed professionals. Support matters requiring professional intervention are beyond our realm and should be brought up with a doctor or therapist.

Discord is free, and so is our guild.

If you get an “invite link invalid” error, please try again in a couple hours. When under a severe raid, our bot protects the guild by invalidating invite links.


Active Staff

An active, but caring, staff ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment in the guild. Staff will work with members through private text channels rather than outright banning them immediately. We use several different disciplinary measures to avoid banning when not necessary.

General Topic Channels

Talk about anything, from LGBT matters, to current events, interests, and more! We also hold weekly topics, which get featured on our website blog.

Spill the T Channels

Talk about the Spill the T vodcast or radio show. Ask questions, leave feedback, make suggestions, and start conversations among other members.

Patreon-Only Content

Patreons get exclusive access to private channels containing insiders to upcoming episodes and behind the scenes footage / bonus content.

Web-Based Profiles

Every member gets a graphical and customizable profile via our guild bot. You can put your pronouns, identities, and a bio in it. People can see your XP, reputation, activity level, date joined, and more.


Events are sometimes held in the guild, such as Q&A sessions and other events put on by members.

Currency / Rewards

We use Yang in our guild, a virtual currency you earn from being active and sending messages. You can use Yang on a number of different things


Earn badges for your web profile for doing various things, participating in events, accomplishing goals, and much more.

Be on the Radio

Join Spill the T’s radio show on WWSU Radio via a voice channel in Discord (keep in mind rule #21).

Antispam / Antiraid

The guild bot keeps an eye on the guild even when staff are away. The bot will automatically isolate spamming members and will increase security when the guild is being raided.

Bot Games

Mini bot games are posted every 2 hours in the guild. Complete them for a chance to earn some Yang.

Support System

If you’re going through a tough time and need to discuss something sensitive, you can use the bot’s !support command to create an opt-in NSFW-flagged text channel where others can offer you support.