Welcome to the Discord Rules Quiz.

To pass this quiz, score a 90% or higher. Please be sure you have read and understand the Discord rules (including the content inside each rule dropdown) before taking this quiz.

Discord Username#0000
True or False? We allow posting invite links to other Discord guilds in Spill the T once every 24 hours.
Which of the following are you allowed to say in the radio voice channel?
True or False? Threatening to kill someone is against the Spill the T's guild rules, but not against Discord's Community Guidelines.
When posting false / satirical information in the guild, what are you required to do?
Which of the following is not true regarding the rule on respecting the staff?
True or False? If the guild bot does not have the capability of doing something you think would be a great idea, it is permitted to make a self bot on your account until staff can code it in the main bot.
Which of the following is not true about our excessive NSFW / soliciting sex rule?
Which of the following is not true regarding our rule on being inclusive of all identities?
Which of the following is not true regarding our rule on provoking the emotions of others?
True or False? You could be banned for having more than one account in the guild.
Select all of the following where the rules apply.
Which of the following is NOT against the rule on respecting other members?
How many days can a regular (non-new) member go without sending a message before they could be kicked from the guild for inactivity?
True or false? If a text channel contains rules, violating those constitutes a violation of the guild's rules and therefore can be disciplined.
Exposing which of the following information about another member will lead to a permanent ban?
Which of the following discipline will you receive for engaging in, or encouraging, criminal activity in the Spill the T Discord guild?
Which of the following is true regarding the rule on staff bias / abuse of power?
With regards to sensitive matters, which of the following is not true?
When posting something that is not in English, what do you need to do?
True or False? Adjusting your microphone while in a voice channel without muting yourself is permitted.
True or False? If you find a bug in the bot that awards you a lot of Yang (virtual currency), it is allowed and you get to keep the Yang as a reward for finding the bug.


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