Spill the T with Hawke and Chrissy

An Exclusive Transgender Vodcast

Who knew learning about LGBT matters could be this much fun?

Radio Show

Spill the T will now also be on WWSU Radio, 106.9 FM (https://wwsu1069.org), Thursdays 9-10PM ET!

Radio shows will be streamed live to Facebook and YouTube. Short clips of each radio episode will be posted to our YouTube. Full episode MP3s are only available to Patreon members who donate $5/month or more.

crew shot with 5 members of the spill the T crew

About Us

We are an eclectic mix of individuals challenging the gender binary and raising awareness for social equity. We hope to utilize every resource available to introduce our voice to the mainstream while promoting gender unity.

Our Team of Creators

Christyn Rey Brewer


My pronouns are she / her / hers. I am an undergraduate Wright State Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Sociology Majors. I’m looking to pursue a PhD in Sociology and to be a researcher of transgender topics.  I want to develop Trans Theory. I’m also a writer and a musician.

Hawke Kerstanski


My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I am a baker, artist, and “parent” to special needs and rescue animals. I love to create, whether that’s art, cakes, or strong relationships. I hope to empower people to love themselves as they are, without hesitation.

J. R. Davis

Producer / Editor

Preferred pronouns – he / him / his. I am a musician, audio/video engineer, and graphic artist. International College of Broadcasting, Tiffin University Alumnus. As an ally to the LGBT community, I am honored to be a part of this team.

Anthony Fugate


My pronouns are he / him / his. LGBT Ally. I’m a photographer, artist, and musician. I want to bring awareness to being open-minded; we all have more commonalities than we think.

Patrick Schmalstig


My pronouns are they / them / theirs. Gender non-conforming. Mass Communication and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Majors at Wright State University. WWSU Radio engineer. Web and application developer. 

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